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It Is Time to Go Solar

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Discover green renewable energy to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products, and services as possible.


There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Discover green renewable energy to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products, and services as possible.

Why Should You Switch?

Gives us a moment to talk with you and you will find Discover Green is your perfect solution on going green.

Solar Energy

Discover Green Renewable Energy uses the power of the sun to help customers on the North-East save money and the planet! Since 2019 Hundreds of customers join our team on helping them go green. We provide full turnkey solar solutions consisting of professional residential and commercial solar consultants, designers, and installation teams.  Avoid consist electrical rate increase and control your power.

Battery Storage System

Discover Green Renewable Energy providers installation for residential and commercial customers with an alterative way of being in control of there power. A Battery Storage system is a great way of maintaining electricity in a power outage. Generators can cost a fortune with installation of gas line or unreliable refueling. Whether you have solar or not a battery storage is a great resource for grid connection or off-grid connection. Batteries can also, be installed in regions where the cost per kwh is higher during peak hours. Systems can be charged during low peak hours from the grid and discharge during peak hours. Rely on your own source, not the grid.


Electric Vehicle Chargers

Discover Green Renewable Energy installers EV Chargers for residential and commercial customers.

Level 1 charger is 120V charging using a standard electrical outlet. It is most useful for vehicles that will be parked for long periods of time in a residential setting. 

Level 2 Charger is the most common and the most useful type of charging station, using 240V. Can be found on a residential and commercial setting. 

Level 3 charger is  DC Fast charging provides the fastest charge currently available, utilizing over 480V! Compare to gas stations. 


Solar energy is an investment that you would love to be apart of. This form of energy is improving in every aspect of the way we consume and pay for electricity. When you reach out to Discover Green Renewable Energy, the first thing we do is to schedule a solar consultation at your convenience, during which you can get all the answers you need to make an informed decision.


Our engineers have been NABCEP certified. NABCEP is the highest rank certification within the industry. Our team will look at your electrical consumption and gather the information that will allow us to create an electrical schematic. Outline the number of panels you will need and how much solar energy your house needs.

Existing Owners

We provide service to existing solar energy system owners.

  • Operation and Manual

  • Troubleshoot

  • Commissioning

  • Vegetation 

Industry Award For Service

We have strict standards when it comes to maintaining customer's loyalty and never settle for less. We’re constantly innovating and improving to provide the latest renewable energy equipment on the market. We want to ensure our clients are completely satisfied. 


As we know cash is king! However, we do offer finance options.


As low as 3% interest with terms from 5, 10 or 15 years. ​

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